A Suffering Population

Characteristics associated with borderline personality disorder (BPD) include emotional dysregulation, impulsivity, interpersonal problems, self-harm, and suicidal behaviors.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a compassionate and evidence-based model that has proven to be effective for consumers.

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Building a Life Worth Living

The Linehan Institute was founded by DBT treatment developer Dr. Marsha Linehan to make compassionate and effective behavioral treatments available to all persons with complex and severe mental disorders.

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Our loved ones are suffering.
Are they getting the real DBT treatment?

The desire and demand for evidence-based mental health treatment to consumers has never been higher. Both public and private third party payers are clamoring for demonstrated competence in applying DBT.

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The Marie Division of the Linehan Institute
Support for Caregivers

Providers working with difficult-to-treat populations need care and renewal to prevent burnout. Support for mental health professionals keeps them motivated to deliver effective therapy. The Marie Division of the Linehan Institute offers these mindfulness retreats.

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We rely on our generous donors to support the mission to develop DBT certification, continue breaking-edge research, and train and support mental health professionals.

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